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At Range Cleaning Services, we recognise how vital it is to keep on top of the upkeep and repair of properties that are currently unoccupied. Whether those properties are awaiting new tenants, undergoing renovations or up for sale, void property maintenance is essential to ensuring the property remains safe, secure and in good condition.

As void property maintenance experts, we work specifically with clients within the following industries:

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We pride ourselves on being able to create a void property maintenance package tailored to the unique requirements of each client.

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Our Main Void Property Services include:

Repairs &

Repairs and inspections are important aspects of void property maintenance. Inspecting a property can ensure all issues are identified and addressed early on, to prevent them from causing further damage. Furthermore, early repair work can save clients from paying unnecessary high costs, while ensuring the property is safe for future occupants.


Keeping Your Empty
Property Clean

One of the most important aspects of void property maintenance is keeping it clean. An unoccupied property can quickly become dirty and unkempt, leading to issues such as pest infestations and mould growth. Thanks to cleaning and maintenance solutions provided by Range Cleaning Services, you can rest assured that these problems will be prevented, which means the property will be in good condition for when it is ready to be occupied again.